Why CIA watches Twitter, Facebook and YouTube


Let’s examine the CIA’s philosophy about why the agency has to monitor social networking all over the world.

Actually the first information about the existence of a new CIA’s department called ‘Open Source Center’ was published in 2007. More recently, the scoop was that an Associated Press reporter came into the building where this service operates.

TMR readers can extend their information through this link. It is the transcript of an statement by Doug Naquin, ‘Open Source Center’ director, department which replaced the former CIA office called ‘Foreing Broadcast Information Service ‘ in 2008.

The replacement of the surveillance department of the foreign mass media by the cited Open Source Center is in itself a very suggestive fact.

There are many consequences that may result from this reorganization. Some of which could end related with the inmediate future of the journalism and media.

In the said hearing, Naquin had widely explained his philosophy about how and why the CIA has to monitor millions of messages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all others social networks.

Following this link can get a trace of many others links providing accurate information about the current importance of social networks as a primary source of intelligence, not only for the new journalism, but mainly for secret services and official information agencies of the United States.

The only I can add is that if this is what it seems, perhaps we are giving permission to too many people to observe, analyze and store data about our own lives.

Yes, for our own good, okay. And if you have nothing to hide there is no problem for you. But at the end government people are human beings, not angels.

I’m speaking for myself, but sure is a good thing that governments have the tools to know our personal, familiars or professional secrets in exchange for greater security? Have to live knowing that our chats, posts, tweets, emails, are being watched all time?

So, what about individual freedom and the right to our own privacy?

If I have something clear is that in the analogic times, when our letters and/or our phone conversations could not be opened or listened by government agencies without a court order, we’d got same security levels but with more individual freedom.

Well, I have to realize that maybe I’m being monitored already. I have wrote too many times ‘CIA’…

Por José Luis del Campo

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