April 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising LXX Anniversary: Tribute

The girl who picked up a pencil and defeated Hitler

Anne Frank poses in 1941 in this photo made available by Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In August of 1944, Anne, her family and others who were hiding from the occupying German Security

Nighttime Lights: No Room For Doubt As To Which of Two Koreas Won the War

Vietnam War: Who came up with the bright idea to open the gates of hell?

For half a century we have been arguing about "the Vietnam War." Is it possible that we didn’t know what we were talking about? How Did the Gates of Hell Open in Vietnam?This story

Uruk-agina: El primer líder ‘indignado’ nació en Irak hace 5.000 años

Su enfoque modernista mezclado con una gran erudición convertía la vida y la mentalidad de los antiguos sumerios en algo fácilmente comprensible para nosotros. Sus personajes no son seres extraños de un remoto pasado

Memoria sefardí: Zamora, ‘la mejor entre las del norte’

“Hermosa provincia, la mejor entre las del norte”, dijo Isaac Arama de la provincia de Zamora, situada en el noroeste de España, junto a la frontera con Portugal. Isaac ben Moses Arama (1420-1494), escritor

La guerra eterna: 5.000 años de historia de Oriente Medio

Nina Paley lo ha clavado. 5.000 años de historia de Oriente Medio pueden resumirse en esta animación, tan divertida como trágica. Cananeos, egipcios, asirios, israelitas, babilonios, macedonios, griegos, judíos, romanos, musulmanes, cruzados, turcos, británicos,

Richard M. Helms: Building the Tradecraft – CIA

Best known for guiding CIA during some of the most critical years of the Cold War, Helms worked in Secret Intelligence (SI) for the OSS and ran operatives out of Central Europe and Scandinavia.

Allen W. Dulles: Spymaster – CIA

The OSS station in Bern, Switzerland, was so close to the German border that the site was nicknamed “Hitler’s doorstep”. Dulles served as Station Chief at this critical post and mounted numerous intelligence operations,

Berlin Tunnel: America’s Ear behind the Iron Curtain – CIA

The Berlin Tunnel was a joint British and American operation to tap Soviet and East German communications lines in East Berlin. To learn more about the CIA, visit the CIA Museum at https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/cia-museum/index.html. Berlin Tunnel: