Morsi Ousted by Military After Four Days That Rocked Egypt But… What’s Up With Democracy?

After four days of riots and violence in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, the Egyptian army has taken control of the country and announced the removal of President Morsi and suspension of the

Thoughts and Pics From the Closed Blog of Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend: ‘I feel strong enough’

El blog, el diario de Lindsay Mills, no se puede ver desde el pasado 12 de junio, pocos días después de que saltara el escándalo de los monitoreos masivos por parte de la

Berry, DeJesus and Knight Story Updated: Ramsey The Liar, The Shy Hispanic Hero and the Police Gaffes

Breaking news on the Barry, DeJesus and Knight case are about the fake and the true heroes: Ramsey and Cordero respectively, the Cleveland Police face to his unexplained mistakes, the emerging details of horrors

Charles Ramsey meme-hero and Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knigh Full Story

Mali: Diary of War & Interactive Map for Unraveling the Labyrinth

The Tsarnaev Brothers’ Social Media Trail

Thermal images from manhunt; Russia asked FBI to look at Tamerlan in 2011; Dzhokhar still stable

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second suspect in Boston Bombing, is finally in custody . He had gunshot wounds on his neck and legs when police found him. Thermal images confirmed the suspect was hiding

Germany investigates 50 Auschwitz guards

Mexico: Radiography of War on Narco

Robo del siglo en Bruselas: Cincuenta millones de dólares en diamantes, sin un tiro y… sin dejar pistas

A una semana del mayor robo de diamantes de la historia no parece que haya pista alguna sobre la identidad de los ladrones ni posibilidad de seguir el rastro de los 50 millones de